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India tests nuclear-capable missile

India tests nuclear-capable missile

BHUBANESHWAR: India on Wednesday successfully tested a short-range, nuclear-capable missile with a range of 220 miles, an official said. The army twice fired the surface-to-surface missile Prithvi II from a range in Chandipur in the eastern state of Orissa, said S.P. Dash, a senior official at the range. ‘‘The test was successful,’’ Dash told The [...]

US-China firm fined for Pakistan nuclear exports


WASHINGTON: The United States on Tuesday fined the Chinese subsidiary of a US firm nearly four million dollars for exporting coatings to a Pakistan nuclear site. PPG Paints Trading in Shanghai, a wholly-owned subsidiary of PPG Industries, agreed to pay 3.75 million dollars over the exports —from which it had earned just 32,319 dollars —the [...]

China, Pakistan to jointly build splendid future

China, Pakistan to jointly build splendid future

BEIJING: The most salient features of Premier Wen’s just-ended trip to Pakistan include more strong economic elements that have been injected into the bilateral relations, especially the post-disaster pragmatic cooperation cited as the most urgent mission, and the enhanced, resolute support China will render to Pakistan in the latter’s pursuit of sustainable development. During the [...]

China leadership ‘orchestrated Google hacking’

China leadership 'orchestrated Google hacking'

Senior Chinese figures were behind the hacking of Google earlier this year which forced the search engine to quit the country, leaked US cables suggest. One cable, released by whistle-blowing site Wikileaks, cites a “well-placed” contact as saying the action against Google was “100% political”. A politburo member is said to have been angered after [...]

Rare insight into secretive China-N Korea ties

Rare insight into secretive China-N Korea ties

The documents released by Wikileaks provide a fascinating insight into the relationship between two of the world’s most secretive nations – China and North Korea. Official statements from both countries rarely stray from well-worn diplomatic language and are often hard to interpret. But these leaks – using bold and clear language – lay out what [...]

1000’s flee after volcano warning


People have abandoned their homes in a bustling city of 400,000 at the foot of Indonesia’s rumbling volcano, cramming onto trains, buses and rented vehicles as authorities warned Mount Merapi could erupt again at any time. A mass burial on Sunday for many of the 141 people killed in the last two weeks served as [...]

Tokyo to recall Japan’s ambassador to Russia

Tokyo to recall Japan’s ambassador to Russia

TOKYO: Japan said Tuesday it will recall its ambassador to Russia following President Dmitry Medvedev’s visit to the Kuril Islands, which are at the source of a long-running row between the two nations. “I decided to recall ambassador to Russia (Masaharu) Kono temporarily,” Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara told reporters. Maehara said he wanted to get [...]

Robots are lords of the dance at South Korean festival

ILSAN (South Korea): “That`s cool!” shouted a packed crowd as five dancing robots flashing red and blue lights started rocking and grooving to popular Korean songs. The “Humanoid Dancing Crew” — standing around 30-40 cm tall — won a standing ovation for their performance at what is billed as the world`s largest robot festival. Next [...]

Indonesia: 25 killed in Volcano Eruption

Indonesia 25 killed in Volcano Eruption

At least 25 people have been killed after one of Indonesia’s most active volcanoes, Mount Merapi, spewed out clouds of deadly hot gas and ash. Thousands fled their homes on Tuesday as Mount Merapi erupted three times as pressure built up behind a lava dome perched on the volcano’s crater. The volcano emitted clouds of [...]

Thailand Floods Leave 57 dead

Thailand Floods Leave 57 dead

Heavy downpours that caused rivers to burst around Thailand have killed 57 people in nearly two weeks of flooding that officials are calling the worst in several decades, authorities said Wednesday. The fatalities have occurred in central, eastern and northeastern provinces and have affected more than 3 million people in 36 of Thailand’s 76 provinces, [...]

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