Fisabilillah Islamic Aid

We are a voluntary organisation which aims to the call of Allahu Ta’ala and Rasoolullah (Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam) and to work in the field of Dawat & general services for Islam by helping needy people around the world.

Our aim is to concentrate on the basic needs of children, poverty, hardship, lack of education, especially for the orphans, the elderly and victims of conflict.

We anticipate in caring for and maintaining Islamic Holy Sites especially those sites which have neglected in the past. Your unwanted goods, clothes, children’s toys, unexpired food and medicine can be collected by informing us in advance.

We are thankful to Allah Azawajal who gave us the inspiration to establish this mission to help and support the Muslim Ummah. We hope you will join us and give your self, your time, your generosity and servicehood. Acts of Charity will be rewarded in this life and in the hereafter InshaAllah.

We aim to help and serve Islam and Muslims and to do our best to guide mankind from different faiths by spreading the light of Allah Ta’ala and the love of Allah Ta’ala and the love of Rasoolullah (Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam). and the love of all the lovers and believers of Allah Ta’ala and the love of everything that Allah Ta’ala orders us to love and we aim to be united with the unity of the love of Allah Ta’ala in our hearts at all times.

Ahlullah A.I.S.L.A.M is a spiritual Islamic brotherhood connected to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam) by a spiritual chain of transmission which also connects us with all the Holy Prophets and Messengers (may Allah Ta’ala be pleased with them all) of Allah Ta’ala and all Holy Saints, Sheikhs and Imams and servants of Allah Ta’ala and with all the one Islamic nation around the World; and we pray to Allah Ta’ala to unite us with the brotherhood of Hazrat Al – Imam Al – Mahdi (Alayhi Salam) The Imam of the Time.

Visit the Fisabilillah Islamic Aid website to make a donation or read more.

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